Atro hydropower plant is connected to the Fingrid's frequency containment reserve

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Savon Voima powered by e2m

Savon Voima hydropower plant Atro located in Varpaisjärvi is connected to transmission system operator Fingrid Oyj's frequency containment reserve for normal operation (FCR-N) to balance the national electricity system.

Electricity consumption and production must be in balance every moment. As the share of renewable electricity is growing, the need for flexibility also increases. This requires market-based demand flexibility as well as reserves that react automatically to balance the national grid.

Savon Voima offers adjustable capacity to the market together with e2m

Trading in Fingrid's reserve market was started in August. Savon Voima offers adjustable capacity for the market and e2m's virtual powerplant (VPP) platform ensures that technical requirements are met by Fingrid.

- The integration of Atro hydropower plant into e2m's Virtual Power Plant is a major step for e2m in exploring the Finnish reserve and balancing market, says Harri Vesa, Director of Sales and Development at e2m Voimakauppa Oy.

- Our power plants have already participated in the balancing energy market. Connecting Atro to FCR-N market is the first in our series. These technically demanding reserves are used for continuous frequency control and all is done automatically, second by second, explains Jussi Puranen, Senior Advisor of demand response at Savon Voima, and continues, - With our new product, our customers can also benefit from these opportunities.

The regulating power of the virtual power plant is based on electrical devices and loads that can be timed, depending on market movements. Automatic adjustment is so smooth that it does not affect the normal processes. Atro's hydropower plant is also regulated by hydropower conditions, and the adjustment does not affect the overall water balance.

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Harri Vesa, Director of Sales and Development at e2m Voimakauppa Oy, +358 40 524 9145

Jussi Puranen, Senior Advisor, Electricity Market, Savon Voima Oyj, +358 40 765 9757

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